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Jerry Clunan, RFC

Jerry Clunan, RFC

Founder | Financial Advisor

Jerry Clunan, RFC, is co-founder and President of Hershey Financial Advisers, LLC., a financial services firm with a heart to see people experience financial peace of mind.

We help our clients preserve their assets by helping them avoid the erosion caused by taxes, market fluctuations and the unpredictable events that life can bring. Our unique approach combines experience and integrity, with a thorough financial planning process and comprehensive wealth management, in an independent, unbiased environment. Jerry has been advising and assisting clients since 1991, providing unique and personalized solutions and the peace of mind to enjoy their retirement years.

He uses straightforward communication skills to distill complex concepts into easily understood ideas. When not working with clients he serves on the board of directors of a number of organizations and is a sought after speaker.

He is a graduate of the Bordentown Military Academy and West Chester State University. Jerry and his family have resided in Lancaster County since 1978.

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