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Financial Planning

Communication is key, and we’re here to help…

Having open and honest dialogue between you and your advisor will help bring issues to the fore front so a plan of action to correct those issues can be put in place. As things come up in your life, you may find it helpful or important to update your advisor of those occurrences. When he or she knows your circumstances, they can then give advice that is in your best interest.

Financial Planning is the process in which you put your goals and vision for your family’s life “to paper.” You then pull all your income, assets, liabilities, and insurances together and develop a plan which shows how those things are working for or against you to help meet your financial goals. During this process you’ll work with your advisor to prioritize the order, and manner, in which these should be addressed:

  • Debt Reduction
  • Reallocating your Investments
  • Time frame when you can retire… or shift careers
  • Utilizing proper Investment Strategies tailored to your specific needs
       • Strategic Asset Allocation
       • Tactical Asset Management
       • Managed Stop-Loss Portfolios
       • Guaranteed Investments
  • Selling or buying assets that get you closer to your goals
       • That may mean divesting, or more specifically realigning your income and energy towards certain assets.
  • Updating or drafting your Estate Plan
        • Having a Will, Powers of Attorney, Executor, and update Beneficiaries
  • Proper Budget Management
        • Saving and Investing
        • Gaining clarity to focus on what’s most important
  • Utilizing appropriate Tax Efficient Investments and Retirement tools
        • Roth IRA, IRA, Rollover IRA, 401(k), Solo-401(k), Roth 401(k), SEP IRA, SIMPLE IRA, Tax-managed funds, Annuities, etc…
  • Review and align your Insurances to best protect your family’s plan for today, and for your future
        • Life, Health, Disability, Long-Term-Care
        • Auto, Home, Liability
  • Business Exit Strategy
        • Putting a plan in place to maximize the sale of your business. This may also include the hire of other professional help such as an Attorney or Accountant

This would then become a working Financial Plan. Your plan should be reviewed around once a year, or more often as you’re approaching the a frame of meeting one of your goals. Or when something in your life brings about a significant change.

Your plan is always evolving… we utilize proprietary Wealth Management Software that helps us pull together your entire financial picture, and will automatically update your holdings and values of those holdings so you see how you’re doing. This way you are always up to date on what’s occurring with your accounts and your plan.

At our firm we take a collaborative approach to helping you achieve financial security and guiding you along the way. Don’t go at it alone… we’re here to help.