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Asset Management Solutions

Tactical Asset Management

  • Tactical Asset Management is a dynamic investment strategy that actively adjusts a portfolio’s asset allocation. The goals of tactical asset management strategy is to improve the risk-adjusted returns of passive management investing. o With hyperlink to DAAS video

Strategic Asset Allocation

  • Strategic Asset Allocation is a portfolio strategy that involves setting target allocations for various asset classes, then periodically rebalancing the portfolio to maintain these original allocations. The goal is to maintain your allocation percentages as this will balance risk and return over time.

Guaranteed Investments

  • Guaranteed Investments are strategies that invest in areas ranging from bonds and debt instruments, annuities and CD’s, or money market accounts that seek to give the consumer a given interest rate for a given period of time. The guarantor company will provide a set interest rate in trade for set period of time invested.

Managed Stop-Loss Portfolio

  • Managed Stop-Loss Portfolios are model portfolios that are designed to fit your investing tolerance while putting a stop on losses during market downturn. These are based on a given market index versus your individual portfolio. The goal is to save the portfolio from a market crash in order to attempt to improve returns over time.

Hershey Financial Advisers, LLC's Dynamic Asset Allocation System

Our independent financial advisors use active management strategies to help you navigate markets that can sometimes be a roller coaster of a ride. We use this process to invest your money, plan for your retirement, and custom build a portfolio that balances risk and performance to meet your unique set of needs. Our asset allocation system is just one of the ways we’re able to provide financial advice you can trust – no strings attached. One of our advisors would be happy to sit down with you to see how our asset management solutions can benefit you. Contact us today!